To serve the community by helping young people and those re-entering the workforce gain life skills, job experience and growth in a family-oriented environment alongside a fun, supportive team.


At Jump Time, we sell fun. We look for employees who are energetic, positive and have an interest in family entertainment, physical fitness, education, business/marketing, or community outreach. We’d like to be more than just a job. Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals!



Trampoline Guard AKA Court Monitor

Trampoline guards are the employees that customers come in contact with the most. They should be fun, friendly, and welcoming. In addition to educating guests on policies and safety rules, they will also be interacting with children and parents to ensure everyone is having a good experience, as well as reporting any issues to their Shift Lead or Manager.

Cashier/Front Desk

Our Front Desk staff are the face of the business. They will be welcoming guests, explaining how the park works, checking in jumpers, and processing transactions. Front desk employees should have some experience in customer service and cash handling.


Kitchen employees create orders, prepare food, and process transactions. They should have knowledge of food safety, and experience in customer service and cash handling.

Shift Lead

Our Shift Leads are responsible for everything that happens in the park while a manager is not present. They ensure proper staffing, enforce policies, give employees feedback, handle any issues or complaints, and communicate effectively with both their subordinates and managers. Shift Leads should have experience in customer service, cash handling, and have excellent leadership skills and/or experience in a supervisory role.

Party Host

As a Party Host, you can expect your shifts to be fast paced and full of fun. This position is for someone who is confident and has excellent time management skills. A Party Host is responsible for ensuring the party runs smoothly while providing everything that makes a Jump Time Party exceptional.